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Hello. I welcome you to this website. I like to write and listen to a new status, quotes. I live in a quiet village away from the hustle and bustle where I get an opportunity to write new quotes every day. 

I just put those quotes, status before you. All Shayari, Status, and SMS are now available in both Hindi and English script. 

We update this collection regularly and add new and uniques Shayaris and images. If something touches your heart, you can explain your feelings in the comment box.

Shayari is a lovely way to express our love, care, emotions, and heart feelings to our loving one. Through Shayari, we can express our hearts feeling in an easy way. 

There are many ways to express your feeling to someone, but Shayari is the easiest way to express your heart feeling to someone. 

Sometimes there are many words in our heart and we all wanted to share all these things with our partner or dear one, but we would not able to express it in word, Shayari give us strengths, words to express those feelings.

At Estaus.life we are presenting a nice collection of Shayari around the web, we deliver the treasure of love, feeling, and emotions. Share your heart feeling at Estatus Life the way you want.

Don’t be hesitating to express your heart feelings, this website is designed to facilitate Shayari lovers. Now but a place where we can touch our emotions and can express the way we feel for others.

Let’s Come and join the world of Shayari, Emotion, Feeling, Love, and joy the rhythm of the heart.

Impress your near and dear ones with our exciting and surprising collection of love Shayari, Yaad Shayari, etc. 

We are trying our best to make it a site of dreams which you can never resist. Special thanks to our top Shayari contributors and also to our visitors, who help us to make this site.

Our website Status Life was established in 2020. Our team is dedicated to providing the best Shero-Shayari in Hindi to its audience.

Currently, we have started with some new and unique Hindi poems like Love Shayari, Sad Shayari, Dosti Shayari, etc., but at a later stage, more interesting content will be added.

Needless to mention, we always focus on key areas like unique and interesting content, maximum possible server uptime, faster page loading time, and more. 

Therefore, our visitors can read the desired article without interruption. Which makes our visitors happy.

We are also open to visitor's self-written unique content. They can send it to us through the submit post form. After manual moderation, this material will be posted on our website.

We do not express ownership of any content (article, image, etc.) available on our website Status Life. It is collected and posted on the website by users or site administrators for users.

We also respect copyright laws and are committed to removing any copyright infringement material from our website. 

If you find any material on our website that violates your copyrighted work, please contact us, we will be happy to verify and remove such content.


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