Love Feeling Sms In Hindi

Love Feeling Sms In Hindi

Love Feeling Sms In Hindi

Top 10 Best Love Feeling Sms In Hindi: When We talk about love and a relationship which totally depends on love then the first relationship.

Which we get is a relationship between husband and wife. We know that all the husbands and wives love their Wife and husbands.

In any case, this relationship can keep more upbeat by making a couple of new sentimental advances. Each and every person who is in love sends love Shayari and Shayari to their loved one and gets attention.

So in the husband wife relationship, everyone can get attention by sending a few Love related things line Love Shayari, Love Shayari, or Love Shayari, And you will get a positive response from your partner. (Best Love Feeling Sms In Hindi)

So if you can send Love Shayari for Husband but for this, you will need for some latest Love Shayari. If You are finding Love Shayari on the Internet then you are the right place.

In this post, I am going to share some latest and RomanticLove Shayari for Husband from Wife in English and Hindi languages. You can get the best one to send your hubby.


Top 10 Best Love Feeling Sms In Hindi

My life's greatest security isn't simply in cherishing you, however in realizing that you will consistently be there to adore me back regardless. I love you, infant.

It is a great idea to have a spouse who pardons for the past. It is smarter to have a spouse who pardons what you do in the present.

Best of everything is to have a spouse who pardons everything and spotlights on the future together.( Best Love Feeling Sms In Hindi)

Love is a friendship that has burst into flames. It hushes up understanding, common certainty, sharing, and excusing.

It is reliable through acceptable and awful occasions. It makes do with not as much as flawlessness and considers human shortcomings.

 If someone have two girlfriends and he love both girl. How should we write love letter to a girl that the girl will love us? True love will not bring sadness sorrow misery or problems Hindi meaning.

Top 10 Best Love Feeling Sms In Hindi

I don't have words to portray what I feel for you. I fall further in your affection as time passes. Each second I go through with you feels like a fantasy. I'm frantically infatuated with you.

I think God caused a lady to be solid and not to be stomped on under the feet of men. I've generally felt this way on the grounds that my mom was an extremely resilient lady, without a spouse.

Every one of these years, you have been stunning. As a father to our children and as my sweetheart, I have been upbeat in your arms.

And I could see that we'll be more joyful for the remainder of our life. Much obliged to you for everything. Cheerful commemoration, my sweetheart.

It is a fact generally recognized, that a solitary man possessing favorable luck, must be in need of a spouse. (Best Love Feeling Sms In Hindi)

Marriage resembles a tune, where the Lord's sweet tune of affection originates from two hearts joined as one, a couple.

Love Feeling Sms In Hindi

Ek Arse Baad Koi Hai Jo Chahne Laga Hai,
Meri Har Baat Pe Muskurane Laga Hai.

Ek Arse Baad Koi Hai Jo Din Raat Mujhe Dekhne Ki Dua Karti Hai
Meri Gair Hazari Mein Mere Liye Aahe Bharti Hai,

Ek Arse Baad Koi Hai Jo Meri Mulaqato Ko Tarasti Hai
Jiski Nighaho Ka Megh Sirf Mere Liye Barasta Hai,

Ek Arse Baad Hi Sahi Koi Hai Jo Mere Liye Beqarar Si Hai..
Jo Har Pal Mujhse Kehti Hai Ki Haan Mujhe Bhi Tujhse Pyaar Hai......

Rukhsath Huyee Aaj Humse Meri Tanhayee Ke Woh Agaye..
Na Tha Jiska Khab-E-Qayal Lo Unke Deedar Hogaye..

Woh Dastak Diye Hamare Darpe Ke Bahar Agayee..
Andheri Jaisi Zindagi Mein Ek Roshni Chagayee...

Chand Sa Roshan Chera Woh Shabnami Ankhen..
Ghesuyo Ki Mehak,Woh Jhuki Jhuki Palkein…

Na Tha Jiska Tasavoor Woh Khubsuraaati Agayee.
Khuda Ki Yeh Anmol Karigari Aaj Hamein Samj Agayee.

Rakhenge Sambhalke Aeh Khuda Teri Yeh Inayath..
Har Pal Dua Hai Hamari, Mere Mehboob Tu Rahe Salamath.

Pyaar Humare Dil Mein Sadiyon Se Tha
Pyaar Humare Dil Ko Cheda Na Tha

Humari Khwaishe.N Unke Chahat Se Tha
Pyaar Se Zydaa Humne Kuch Maanga Na Tha

Fir Kyun Jukh Jaati Hai Narazen Unhe Dekh Kar
Ye Raaz-E-Ishq Humen Unse Chupana Na Tha...

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